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We are Smart-Ship, a startup company based at YES!Delft, one of the world’s leading tech incubators. The Smart-Ship team is led by Roy, Brent and Jelle, who combine their knowledge on Biomechanical Engineering, Offshore and Maritime Engineering, Energy & Process, Business Economics and Tax Law into one of the future innovators in the maritime sector.

We strive towards a sustainable future in the maritime transportation sector by optimizing the synergies that occur in the interaction between humans and machines. Using haptics (force feedback-technology) on ship control we aim to bridge the gap in information transfer, which is also known as the last 5 inches of information transfer.


We strive towards a sustainable future in (maritime) transportation



By optimizing synergies in the interaction between humans and machines

Our implementation of force feedback technology on ship control bridges the last five inches in an optimal manner

Smart-Ship is a maritime company that focuses on revolutionizing the way we control ships. We discovered that there is an imbalance in the way we present information to the captain and how he is supposed to act on this information. Of all shipping accidents roughly 85% can be traced back to errors made by the human operator. We feel that this is not because there is a lack of skill or knowledge with modern captains, but rather because of an incomplete or inconsistent information flow.


That is why we at Smart-Ship strive towards a sustainable future of maritime transportation, by optimizing synergies that arise in the interaction between humans and machines. We bridge the last five inches by implementing force feedback-technology on ship control. These forces ensure an intuitive way of transferring information from the information system to the human operator. This way of providing information such as warnings, guidance or alternative actions does not require any explanation and is designed to make the life of the human operator easier and more safe.


In September 2018 the Smart-Ship team joined the network of YES!Delft, one of the world’s leading startup incubators. Under the guidance of an experienced advisory board and the mentorship of the YES!Delft professionals, Smart-Ship aims to be part of the next generation of vessels. Currently, Smart-Ship is enrolled in the Accelerator program of YES!Delft.

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